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At present, a system of efficient logistics management provides a key competitive advantage. So Transmares Costa Rica SA This is not just only provide services, but also to offer integrated solutions supply chain, including the preparation of documentation, storage and distribution.

Whether through ocean shipping, land or air, our customers receive the best handling processes in the global logistics and transportation business, accompanied by timely information.

Our highly trained team ensures that all necessary documentation has been completed and procedures are followed to achieve the delivery time offered, ensuring that all our customers and the customers of our customers feel fully satisfied with the steps taken.

Can count on our services for the management of:

  • Ocean Freight, air, land
  • Consolided Charge & FCL
  • Dry and refrigerated cargo
  • Tracking orders
  • Local customs brokerage and abroad
  • Packing and repacking
  • Export procedures and special regimes (temporary admission, free zones, PA, etc.)
  • Delivery and distribution
  • Cargo insurance
  • Consulting for your company

Shipping and Air Transport

We have agents around the world, so we are able to offer our door to door service to our maritime and air service.

We take care to comply with all the logistics chain that your company requires.

Contact us to inform our itineraries and fares.

Fiscal Warehouse

We offer alternatives in bonded warehouses Storage of all jurisdictions in the country by providing the best location/rates for your merchandise.

Agents Network

We have a network of agents in major countries, through which we can provide, the logistical handling of their cargoes, with the confidence and security that gives them Transmares.

We create business relationships with trusted agents who have the same vision of service, always ensuring the interests of our customers.

Ground transportation

Management of local and international land transport:

  • Local movements chassis 2 and 3 axes.
  • Vans 45" and 48".
  • Consolided charge to CAM.
  • Special equipment: carts, lowboy, modular, etc.

  • We perform documentary procedures as:
    border formalities, DUT, letter size, FAUCA, permit arena, among others.

    Cargo Insurance

    We offer you the chance to secure the load, paying a small percentage of the value of the goods being transported with us. Thus, in case of an accident during transport, you can retrieve the value of the insured cargo.

    Customs Agency

  • We coordinate the nationalization of its cargo port, airport and border.
  • Early steps, re-destination, port discharges, PA, free zones.
  • mports/exports temporary and permanent.
  • Re-exports.
  • Full and partial nationalizations.
  • Procedures with MAG, MINAE, Ministry of Health, among others to import products.
  • Tracking purchase orders

    We monitor each of their orders in order to schedule shipments with suppliers and keep you informed of the status of each.

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