Punta Arenas Port


Punta Arenas Port


84°, 58', 11" W
10° 3' 45" North Latitud

On the Pacific Coast on the eastern shore of the Gulf of Nicoya. Across the bay from Caldera, 7.40 n.m. SE of the quay.

Overview: Cargo operations are usually handled at Caldera. Port Puntarenas handles mainly cruise vessels. Within a sheltered bay, but exposed to the south.


BA Charts No. 2154 and 2497.
NGA Chart No. 21546. Publications: BA Pacific Coasts of Central America, NP 8.

Documents for authorities:

  • 6 crew list
  • 6 port of call
  • 2 vaccination list
  • 2 Ship Particulars
  • 2 Health maritime declaration
  • 6 nil list (no arms, no drugs, no stowaways, etc.)
  • 2 Crew list departure
  • 2 ship store declaration.
  • 2 Cargo Manifest
  • 3 Crew effects declaration
  • 2 Inward Reports
  • 3 Ship Stores Declaration
  • 1 Ship Sanitation Control (Exemption) Certificate
  • 2 International Tonnage Certificate
  • 1 Last Port Clearance (plus 2 copies)
  • Restrictions:

    Las Autoridades aduaneras ahora estipulan que:

    1. 1. Vessels usually berth/unberth throughout 24 hours. Recommended that vessels not equipped with radar enter in daylight only.
    2. 2. Free Practique can not be granted upon arrival, Port Authorities must visit the vessel in order to grant Free Practique.
    3. 3. Mooring Arrangements: Ropes are required for mooring, wires are not allowed.
    4. 4. Max Length is 265 mts.
    5. 5. Max Draft is 10.50 mts.
    6. 6. Max Channel Draft is 11.5 mts.
    7. 7. No daylight restriction
    8. 8. Tugs: Obligatorio
    9. 9. Shore crane available: No
    10. 10. Services to ships: Proveedor de buques disponible

    Water Density:

    1,018 (Salwater)

    Max Size:

    Depth 10.5 m. (LW).


    Depth 10.5 m. (LW).


    All vessels must wait for the Pilot in position Lat. 09° 57′ 18″ N, Long. 084° 48′ 00″ W.


    1.0 n.m. off of Caldera, depths suitable for drafts 12.0–13.0 m.


    Vessels must be in possession of a Ship Sanitation Control (Exemption) Certificate signed by the Master. In case of any suspected disease or fever on board, Master to notify by radio to Port authorities and vessel to wait outside the limits of territorial waters until clearance is given.

    Pre-Arrival Information:

    Agent must be advised 72, 48 and 24 hours before arrival, indicating amount of cargo to be discharged in tons. This information is required by the Port Authority. Failure to provide this information will result in the vessel being delayed by up to 24 hours.

    Vessels whose port of departure is less than 48 hours steaming from the port, shall notify the Port Authority on departure from said port.

    The following information should be included in the ETA message:

  • Vessel name, shipping line and Agent
  • Master′s name
  • National flag
  • Last ports of call
  • Vessel's LOA, draft and beam
  • Tonnage and cargo type/class to be loaded/discharged and in transit
  • Stowage plan of cargo
  • VHF:

    Radio Costera Caldera "5 CBA" escucha en el canal 16 a lo largo de 24 horas. servicioscpcld@directemar.cl


    1 × 41 tons BP and 1 × 42 tons BP berthed at Caldera.


    PThe puntarenas port has 2 docks:

    Berth Length Depth Cargo
    1 265 mts 10.5 mts Passengers
    1 265 mts 10.5 mts Passengers

    Passenger Facilities:

    Cruiser Pier: Finger quay causeway length 370 m., width approx. 9.0 m. Berth length 182 m., with 1 linked fender dolphin length 225 m. and one linked mooring dolphin length 271 m., depth 10.0 m. ( LW ). Berth face 169°/349°( T ). Vessels berth both sides of the finger quay.

    Ocean-going cruise vessels handled alongside.


    Available throughout 24 hours.


    Facilities available in Puntarenas city. Hospital Monsenor Sanabria Martinez. ralvarej@ccss.sa.cr, also private medical centers at Puntarenas (pls contact agent)

    Fresh Water:

    Available. Contact Agent.


    Available by road tanker.

    Police / Ambulance / Fire:

    Emergency: 911.

    Weather / Tides:

    -0.3 mts. 0.3 mts. 2.5 mts. 3.1 mts.


    No connection to vessels. Mobile telephone coverage GSM 1800 (2014).

    Nearest Airport:

    Juan Santamaria International Airport, 84 km.

    Shore Leave:

    Allowed, contact Agent.

    Identification Cards:



    Head Office: Instituto Costarricense de Puertos del Pacifico, Puerto de Caldera, America Central, Costa Rica. Tel: +506 2634 9100, 506 2634 9105. Fax: +506 2634 4146. gerencia@incop.go.cr www.incop.go.cr Contact: Lic Sandra Hernandez Noguera,Directora Cooperaciones. T: +506 2634 9160. shernandez@incop.go.cr

    ISPS PSFO Contact: Rodolfo Mata, rmata@incop.go.cr. Tel: +506 2634-9161

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